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New England Audiology offers a variety of hearing aid accessories
and hearing protection.

           Hearing Aid Batteries:
                *10 (yellow)
                *312 (brown
                *13 (orange)
                *675 (blue)
          Price:    $3.00 / 8 pack
(contact us about discount pricing)

                      Ear Gear
Hearing aid covers to help protect against moisture, dust, and loss. Variety of colors available.
Washable and long-lasting!
             Price:    $25.00 each
              Hearing Aid Dryer
Protect your hearing aids from damage caused by moisture. Rechargeable in the microwave!
                Price:    $10.00 each

                Battery Keychain
Never leave home without a spare pair of batteries. Keychain holds two hearing aid batteries.
                Price:    $2.00 each

                  Wax Guards
Hearing aid wax guards. We carry wax guards from a variety of manufacturers. Please contact us if you need help determining which ones you need!
            Price:    varies- contact us


              Custom Earplugs
Custom earplugs can be made in all different styles and colors. Impressions
of the ears can be made in office and the earplugs are made to order. 
            Price:        $60.00 each
                              $120.00 pair

   Custom Musician's Earplugs
These custom earplugs come in many different colors with a choice of three filters depending upon the reduction need. All plugs come with a full filter that turns the musician's plug into a standard earplug. 
Price:         $80.00 each
                               $150.00 pair

               Custom Earmolds
These custom earmolds come in many different colors and are made to fit with any standard behind the ear style hearing aid. Impressions are taken in the office and the earmolds are made to order. 
            Price:        $60.00 each
                              $120.00 pair

     Sound Pillow Sleep System
The Sound Pillow is a great system that can help with tinnitus, anxiety, and insomnia. Come in to the office to see a demo and we can special order a kit or replacement pillows for you.            
$150.00 std pillow with player
              $50.00   replacement std pillow
              $135.00 trvl pillow with player
              $40.00   replacement trvl pillow


We accept most major credit cards, checks, cash, and Care Credit.
For more information on interest free payment plans through

please contact us or visit their website.

We accept most major insurance including but not limited to:
Blue Cross, Cigna, Aetna, Harvard Pilgrim, United Health
We work with programs including but not limited to:
TruHearing, Amplifon, and American Hearing Benefits

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